The Koa by Picobong arrived on my doorstep at the most opportune time. I was having a bad day, my internet sucked and to top it all off, it was pouring rain. I had to go out to my car for something and imagine my surprise to find a lonely little box sitting on my back porch. If I had known it was there, it would never have been alone, not in a million years.

I received this lovely sex toy from Babeland to review. This will be my second toy from Babeland, PicoBong and I have not been disappointed at all.  The Koa is  a bullet that measures 3 3/4″ x 1 3/4″. Its diameter is 1″- 2″. It is made of silicone and ABS.  ABS plastic is a mix between elastomer, rubber, and hard plastic which is durable and recyclable.  ABS  toys are phthalate-free and have firm, smooth textures. Using  silicone and ABS means they are  non-porous and don’t need to be used with a condom unless it is a toy that you plan on sharing.

The Koa runs on 1 AAA battery and can be worn around a finger a penis or a dildo. I preferred to use this toy on my finger because it wasn’t comfortable for my partner to place it around the base of his penis. The Koa has 2 buttons to control the vibrations just like on the Honi. The P contains a (-)  and the B contains a (+). Push the plus sign and the speed/intensity goes up, while pushing the minus sign makes it go down in speed/intensity and eventually off. Pushing and holding the plus sign for 2-4 secs changes the vibration. There are 12 vibration patterns and multiple speeds. This is a whisper soft toy that my partner didn’t realize I was using until I told him that it was on. I got a lot of playtime from that 1 AAA battery. Picobong states that 1 AAA should give you 2 hours of bliss. Honestly, I doubt anyone would use it that long, In the span of 1 hour I was satisfied several times over.

If there were gold stars to be given out for impressive sex toys,  Babeland and Picobong would both have tons of them. Not only does Picobong manufacture outstanding toys but they also offer a 1 year warranty against breakage or defects, so be sure to keep your packaging/ paperwork. Babeland gives to charity as well as having a reputation of being a woman-friendly place to buy toys. I wish there was a Babeland‘s store near me so that I could fully experience what it means to be a Babeland shopper. Until such time as that happens I will continue to shop online and let everyone know what a great place to shop online for your toy needs.