To begin this review I must say that although I had heard many good things about Jopen products, themselves, I had stayed away simply because they were out of my price range.  I guess that is not necessarily true, they weren’t out of my price range, but I was very hesitant to spend that type of money on a toy that I wasn’t entirely sure would fit my anatomy. It is very hard to justify the price, I would be spending when I have heard so many say that it wasn’t right for them.

While researching the toy that I was to review I found out some interesting facts about Jopen that I had never heard before. Jopen is a maker of luxury sex toys, with a product development team that is all women. It also has one of the best warranties in the business, although this wasn’t news to me since I had heard from other users about the awesome warranty.

Jopen toys are covered 100% in silicone. I must admit that all of my favorite toys are made from silicone. I prefer how it feels to everything else that I have tried. The Jopen Vanity Vr6.5 is part of a newly released 0.5 version of previous toys. The 0.5s come in the Vr10.5, Vr6.5, Vr 5.5 and the Vr4.5.

The 6.5 is a beautiful magenta, that is very pleasing to look at. The Vr6.5 is rechargeable. Inside the box you will receive; the Vr6.5, a charger, your instruction/ warranty information, as well as a rather large storage bag. It is a rabbit vibrator that has a vibrating “rabbit” arm and a vibrating shaft. When looking at online pictures of this toy, I thought it was bigger than it actually is. It is the length of my hand and fits very comfortably in my palm. The rabbit arm is slightly thicker than my thumb and the shaft itself is about 1 1/2 times thicker than the rabbit arm. The rabbit arm is very easy to maneuver, so that you can situate it where it is most comfortable for your body.

The Vr6.5 should be charged for 4 hours before using to ensure that it has a full charge. You will know it is done charging when the red light goes off. Before you even think about using this toy, most everyone knows that you should wash it well. I used antibacterial soap with warm water. Normally, I would let a toy air dry, but my precious Vr6.5 is a huge lint magnet when left out in the open. You can use toys wipes or toy cleaners. If you want to sterilize it, use a 10% bleach solution. If you need to use lube, use only water based lube. If this toy is going to be shared, make sure to use condoms.

The Jopen line is powered by Power Bullet technology. The controls are located on the front of the toy,with the charging port on the back of the toy. You will notice that this toy has 2 buttons. One button for the shaft and another button for the rabbit arm. To turn it on press one or both buttons. To increase the vibrations, press and hold the same buttons. To turn it off, press the buttons completely down and release.  I was surprised at how low the sound was. Even with both parts vibrating at their highest level, it is whisper quiet. The only time this toy sounded louder was when I placed it on my bed while the motors were running.

It took me a bit to get used to this toy and I am by no means done with it, but I am still experimenting with the way that suits me best. As of this moment, I don’t think that this toy alone will enable me to orgasm. It is however, a lot of fun to try. While the toy is 6 1/2 inches long, only 4 1/2 inches of that is insertable.


  • rechargeable
  • comes with  a storage bag
  • 100% Silicone body
  • Waterproof and Whisper quiet
  • Security travel lock
  • One year warranty plus optional 10 year replacement guarantee



  • may not fit everyone’s anatomy
  • lint magnet
  • only comes in one color
  • price
  • not discreet

While I did add the price as a con, the Vr6.5 is well worth it, at least in my opinion. It is very easy to give this wonderful toy 5 stars. I should say I didn’t GIVE this toy 5 stars, it EARNED every one of those stars. I have no doubt that I will be buying other Jopen toys in the future. I could probably go on and on about the different things that I liked about this toy, but let me just say this, I believe there is a Jopen toy for everyone. There is so much variety with the Jopen line, I would be shocked if anyone couldn’t find at least one toy to make them happy.

The Jopen Vanity Vr6.5 was provided free of charge from SinFreeToys in exchange for an honest review.