I’m sure you know how bad I wanted this thing! I wrote about it so many times! I was approved by Jopen to review it and I was ecstatic! The time it took from when they approved me, to when it was delivered seemed like months! It was only about 2 weeks though.The Intensity was originally created to improve elasticity in the vagina, but during testing, they found that not only did it automatically create kegels, but many of the women testing it, stated that they had intense orgasms that seemed to never end.

After having children, I am not the tightest woman in the world, and I always forget to do my kegels. I have tried Ben Wa Balls and tightening creams, nothing seemed to work. As soon as I heard about the Jopen Intensity, I KNEW I had to make it mine! I really didn’t even care if it didn’t give me the intense orgasms that I heard so many other people talking about, I just wanted to tighten up a bit. From what I have read, many women started noticing huge differences at about 2 weeks of use. And so my trials began.

Day 1 – I lubed it up with the accompanying electrogel, inserted it and started pumping to inflate it a little bit. Then I turned on the electricity. I have read reviews from women, stating that they couldn’t make it past the 4th or 5th level (there are 10 levels of intensity), so I was a bit nervous and started out on level one. I didn’t feel anything, so I bumped it up a notch….nothing on level 2, let’s move to level 3, it must be getting close to the breaking point. NOPE, nothing on level three….this continued all the way through level 10. I FELT NOTHING! So, being very confused, I decided to remove it and test it on my hand, because, well….it MUST be broken! OH NO! I felt it on my hand! Level 3 on my hand was agony! So, then I figured that maybe I just was looser than I thought or something and decided that I would feel something in a few days.

That was the morning of day 1, and I used it for about 30 minutes. I figured that I would use it before bed as well, but try the vibrations with it as well, to see if I would get those intense orgasms. No luck, so I turned the vibration back off and then was going to wait for the 30 minutes to end. Instead, I fell asleep, with it on level 10! I ended up using it for about an hour and a half that night. I woke up when I went to roll over and felt it between my legs. o.O

I was very confused by the fact that I couldn’t feel it inside of me, so I put my finger in next to the Intensity, and I did feel contractions, so it WAS doing what it should have, I just got no sensation out of it.

So, I continued using the Jopen Intensity each day and night for at least 30 minutes (and yes, I fell asleep a few more times) for 2 weeks. Master is completely honest with me, so I knew he wouldn’t lie if I asked him if I felt tighter to him or not. The answer? No. He didn’t notice any difference, and neither did I.

Day and night for a full month, and STILL no change in tightness, no orgasms, nothing! I don’t know….I was so hyped by this toy, that I was crushed when all this time had gone by, with no results.

I decided that I wasn’t going to waste any more of my time on this toy, so a month was all I gave it. Other women reported results in 2 weeks, so I gave it enough of my time, and it let me down.

The outer layer of this toy is a soft silicone, which is body safe. There is no texture to the material. The shaft and rabbit are made of silicone, the handle is made with ABS plastic with a silicone coating, the electro-ads are made of stainless steel, and the inflation release button and battery cap are made of ABS plastic. There is no odor to any part of this toy.

The Jopen Intensity is about 12″ long with 5″ of that insertable. It is a “rabbit” style, so it has a vibrating “finger” on it that is about 2.5″ long and overlaps the shaft by about 2″. In this same are on the shaft, you will find a second vibrator for internal stimulation, should you wish to turn the vibrations on. At about 2.5″ from the base of the shaft, you will find a 1.75″ electro-plate on each side. Deflated, the shaft is 4.5″ around, but it inflates to about 6″.

The handle of the toy has 5 buttons on it, the top one, in the center, is the power button. Once that is on, the others will work properly. Looking at the picture above, the top button on the left, is the electro-shock “Down” and “Off” button when you are scrolling through intensity levels. The one right below it is the “Up” button, for higher intensities. It also functions as the “On” button for the electricity. The first time you push it, it glows red, the second time, it pulses red. Odd numbered levels are a red light, Even numbered levels pulse a red light. The same goes for the right side of the toy; the top button is the “Down” and “Off” button, and the bottom button is the “On” and “Up” button, remember that these controls are going to be facing the other direction while you are using it, so they make more sense when you look at it that way. There are 5 different vibration intensities, with the strongest one being ALMOST as strong as a Pocket Rocket….yea, they are not very strong. On top of that…it was pretty loud.

When this toy is on it’s side, all I can think about is the fact that it looks like a man, about to take a bite of his sandwich….maybe I’m twisted?

The “butt” of this “man” is where you squeeze to inflate the shaft. To deflate it, you push the black button on “his” back.

On the bottom (in the “man’s crotch, if you will) there is a screw cap to hold the batteries in. And right above that is a little hole, where the air is let in and out of the shaft.

The Jopen Intensity takes 3 AAA batteries, and is NOT waterproof. The “Rabbit” on this toy has 2 “fingers” and a “thumb”, with two of them on the topside and the thumb on the bottom.

The section where the handle connects to the shaft is not seamless, which honestly worries me that liquids can get trapped in there, since you can’t really clean inside the groove. Which brings me to cleaning this toy. It is NOT easy to clean. This is because of the ridges in the shaft. You need to inflate it to make cleaning easier, and you have to pay close attention to all the little nooks and crannys. I used toy wipes, and had to wrap them around my nail to get into the smaller spots on this toy. You could also use your favorite toy cleaner or a 10% Bleach Solution, since it is silicone. However, you do not want to boil this or put it in your dishwasher, or submerge it in any sort of liquid, or your $250 toy will be dead…remember, it is NOT waterproof.

Before I start, I want to mention the fact that I got my Intensity directly from Jopen.

Honestly, I don’t care about packages being discreet, but I know MANY people do, so I need to point out that the box this arrived in, VERY CLEARLY stated “Jopen Intensity” on 3 sides of the box! So, I don’t recommend ordering directly from Jopen if this is an issue for you. Grab it from a retail store for a more discreet option.

Want to know the kicker? The 2oz tube of electrogel that comes with it, can not be bought separately! They don’t sell refills! You can, however, get a 4oz tube from Fetish Fantasies for about $9.99.

After a while, I noticed the silicone start to bubble up. It was really hard to get a good picture of it, but I think you can see it in the picture below.