My Indian Spice Love Oil came in a  cute little 2.7 ounce aluminum bottle.

Pungent and Spicy – A sweet balanced heat. A warm desert night, in a far off land, where spoken language is foreign, but the scents around you are reassuringly familiar… These oils were once more precious than gold, so powerful were their aphrodisiac qualities. Indian Spice combines oils which are known for their ability to create a euphoric release of stress and anxiety, as well as providing a new appetite for love and life.

We are very excited about our new Love Oil packaging! In response to the customer feedback, we have moved into a sleek, modern aluminum bottle with a pump top. Equally eco-conscious as glass, these bottles offer a safer container for our precious therapeutic essential oil formulas. They even have a smoother more erotic feel when you hold them and we are confident that they will inspire you to go to a whole new level of intimacy.

Good Clean Love Oils make touching, kissing and smelling each other better. Our oil formulas leave your skin feeling as good as it smells. They are extremely nourishing to the skin, with the ability to soften, smooth and heal the skin. Our essential oil formulas are made with pure essential oils from all over the world. We use organic and wild crafted oils whenever possible.

All Good Clean Love oils are safe to use anywhere on the body. 100% vegan, edible.


The above is the product description from the Good Clean Love website. I admit if I were just browsing the site, this description would probably be enough to get me to try the product. While sitting here deciding what I wanted to add to the review, I used some of the oil on my hands.

I can’t stop sniffing my hands, this smells wonderful! 

It isn’t a really strong oil. What I mean by this is that once it starts to absorb into the skin, the smell loses most of its strong odor. I can smell it if I put my hand up to my nose and smell it, but I couldn’t smell it across the room. My skin feels really soft after using the love oil and it is definitely something that I would recommend to others.

  • Natural aphrodisiac aromatherapy
  • Awakens arousal mechanism through scent/touch
  • Creates a sensuous bridge to your partner
  • 100% Natural, vegan and cruelty-free
  • No Petrochemicals and no parabens

Ingredients– Apricot Kernel Oil, Tocopherol, Exotic Blend of Essential Oils, Organic Jojoba Oil


I don’t know about the aphrodisiac part of  this equation. Most things that say they have aphrodisiac qualities never seem to affect my spouse or I in a sexual manner. Now that being said, we both enjoyed the smell a lot.

I have to give the Indian Spice Love Oil 5 of 5 stars.

  • it smells wonderful
  • softens skin
  • no parabens or petrochemicals
  • nice packaging