I received the Honi Vibe from our partners at Babeland for a review. I was kind of worried at first as this is just a small bullet. I honestly have not had very good luck with bullets. I have the iron clit ‘o steel and not found many bullets that have enough power for me. Sadly, needing such high intensity, this vibe falls short for me. This has some great patterns and is pretty high intensity for new users, but for us who need more this lacks for me.
This toy is teal and color and I wouldn’t say this is waterproof. I did a test to find out if things were able to get into the groove of the lid and the body and found that it does happen. When the lid was removed, the Honi Vibe had a film that had gathered in this ridge. So, unless properly cleaned this space can cause lots of problems with bacteria growing. The other problem lies in the wording on this toy. The little grooves didn’t get cleaned very well with a simple cleaning. I used a q-tip dipped in toy cleaner to make sure these grooves were fully cleaned out.
The Honi Vibe is 6 inches long including the string. The string itself is 2 13/16 inches long. The body of the toy is 3 1/16 inches long. The diameter of this toy at it’s skinniest point is 1/4 inch and 1 1/16 at it’s thickest point. This is made of silicone and abs plastic. Which being silicone means don’t use with silicone lubes.
This isn’t recommended for anal use, so water lube is great for vaginal penetration. This toy does use one AAA battery. The battery compartment is under the screw off cap, and is very slim, just enough room for the battery. When you have the battery inserted correctly, you will be a slight buzz when you put the top back on.
Not being one to read directions before I try out a vibe, I did realize that I couldn’t figure out how to turn the toy on. The Honi Vibe does come with very detailed directions, but I was too excited to read them. After reading them, I did realize that you will find a plus
sign and a minus sign integrated into the words PicoBong on the toy. Holding the plus sign down will allow you to turn on the toy and increase the intensity. After the intensity is on high, holding down the plus sign again for 2 seconds according to the instructions (which I found to be more like 5 seconds) will change the pattern of the buzzing. There are 12 different patterns this toy includes. I get bored after about 5 and just start using it with the pattern I have found. One day I’ll get through all the patterns.
I have tried this toy both externally on the clit and internally vaginally. The string does allow it to be placed internally, but I wouldn’t push it too far into the body. The string isn’t long enough to insert this anally though. There is no flared base and this could get lost within the rectum. I did insert this vaginally with one of the patterns turned on. The pattern can be felt, but not very strong. The vibrations on high are very weak for me. For someone who is very sensitive or a beginner this would be a great toy!
Overall, this toy for a beginner is a 4/5. This is losing stars for the fact that bacteria can get stuck in places if not cleaned properly. For an experienced user, or someone like me who needs powerful vibrations, I would give this a 3/5.
This is losing the second star for the weaker vibration intensity. I would definitely give this as a gift to someone whom is just starting out with toys or is sensitive to vibration intensity.
Babeland is selling this great toy for beginners and sensitive users! Go get yours now!