When I smell Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla personal lubricant, I think of cookies. That’s right, I said COOKIES! That makes me happy. I love associating lube with a happy feeling ( and cookies definitely make me very happy!). It makes me more likely to use it when it doesn’t make me smell like a medicine cabinet or something else equally distasteful.

I was supposed to review the, My Spicy Valentine kit for, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. Due to some crossed wires I wasn’t able to receive it in enough time to do this and it has taken me this long to get to this review because I wanted to do it justice. In order to do that and to apologize for not getting the review up sooner, I have decided to split each item up and do individual reviews. Yes, it comes as a kit, but you can buy all of the items separately.

Good Clean Love’s Product Philosophy

We believe in providing nothing but the healthiest and cleanest consumer products. At Good Clean Love, we strive to bring you a health alternative to the petro-chemical and paraben-laden products that dominate the personal care and intimacy markets. We take the utmost care in selecting our organic ingredients and creating product formulations that work with the body, not against it.

  • As a member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – a branch of the Breast Cancer Fund, all of our love products are petrochemical and parabens free – which have been identified as potentially carcinogenic and identified in breast cancer tissues.
  • Good Clean Love is an approved Coop America Green Company and strives to reduce its impact while providing the highest quality ingredients and recyclable packaging materials available.
  • We are continuously working to educate women, physicians and retail stores about the importance of clean and healthy ingredients in love products.
  • We believe that it is vital to replace the use of petrochemicals and parabens in all intimacy products. We provide samples to health care professionals across the country.


Good Clean Love’s Environment Policy

At Good Clean Love we believe in creating a more sustainable world by not only increasing the awareness of love in the world but by promoting and implementing practices to sustain our environment. We do our best to promote sustainability in everything we do, from our products to our practices.


  • to use certified organic and clean ingredients in all of our Good Clean Love products
  • as an approved Coop America Green company we strive to reduce our daily impact
  • to use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging whenever possible
  • implement earth friendly practices in our office and company
  • products that are safe and healthy for humans and cruelty free with no animal testing
  • As a signer of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, we are continuously working to educate the public about the importance of clean and healthy ingredients in love products.
  • Absolutely no petro-chemicals or parabens in any of our products.

Make your world more sustainable with loving thoughts and healthy actions!


Properties of Good Clean Love– Cinnamon Vanilla Personal Lubricant

♥ No petrochemicals
♥ No parabens which irritate sensitive tissue
♥ Natural and Organic Ingredients
♥ 100% Vegan
♥ Cruelty Free
♥ Edible
♥ Safe for latex, toys, and use throughout pregnancy
♥ Long lasting guide with no sticky cleanup

Ingredients:  organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, xanthan gum, agar, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid, natural flavor

To use this lube simply apply it to you and/or your partner/toy. Reapply as necessary and enjoy.

The lube that I received to review came in a 4 ounce green and white bottle, the tip of which, was sealed under the cap. I have used this on my toys as well as when I was with my husband. He even enjoyed the smell of it. I put about the same amount on my toys as I would toothpaste across my toothbrush.  While it would be wonderful if I had something to heat my lube with, it heated up fast enough after I got started. After using this many times, I find that I haven’t wanted to use anything else. It smells great, it’s natural and I only had to reapply it 1 or 2 times ( and that was after an hour or so of play). I have noticed that I sometimes have a white residue on my skin after playtime and I honestly can’t say whether that is from the lube or my own natural juices. It is not enough of an issue for me to stop using this product. Most people clean up after sex and if I don’t feel up to doing it, I am probably not going anywhere anyway, so who cares.

A 4 oz. bottle of Cinnamon Vanilla normally runs you about $14.oo but as of the writing of this review it happens to be on sale for half that. Disclaimer: I don’t know when the sale started but it ends on April 25, so stock up now! It’s great on sale, but honestly for a good quality lube, I kind of expect to pay a higher price.

Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla Personal Lubricant-

Why I am giving it 5 of 5 stars-

  • Smells good
  • I don’t have to use a lot
  • It lasts a long time
  • it’s made of 95% Organic Ingredients
  • Safe with my toys


I honestly have none…

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