POW! Definitely the first words that came to mind when I saw this vibe. It’s a nice size and the silicone gives it just enough drag to make you feel wonderful. I’m talking about the G4 Big Boss Vibe that Babeland supplied for this review. I was so excited to get this and when the box came I don’t think I could have torn open the paper and box faster. Sadly, I didn’t read the directions well, and couldn’t figure out how to charge this. This was my first rechargeable vibe, and I definitely was impressed. I didn’t think a toy without batteries or being plugged into the wall was going to be good, but this definitely was. Measuring in at 9 3/4″ long and 1 3/4″ wide, I was definitely ready to try this out. Boy, I was disappointed in the fact I had to wait, it needed charging first.

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to charge this. The directions are very tiny, and there wasn’t any clear direct direction on how to plug this in. There was no port to plug anything in, and the charger was just some metal prongs. I tried and tried and tried to figure out how to charge this. After 1/2 hour, and help from another friend. We both felt really stupid when we realized that the word “FUN” on the front of the toy were metal, not silver color, and that is how you charge this toy. Well, off the toy went to the bedroom for a long charging and my impatience had to sit still for a couple hours.

Finally, it was time to try out one of the toys I had been waiting for for a long time. My partner and I were really surprised at the weight of the toy, but how easy it was to use. You can use lube with this, but only water lube, as silicone lube will break this down, as it’s a 100% silicone toy. Well, they say 100% silicone, but the handle is plastic and metal. I love how the handle is actually a loop handle instead of just something to hold on to. It made thrusting sooooo much easier. I have to say, having the excitement of getting to use this toy, we didn’t need any lube at all.

Very amazing feeling, and helped fill me up greatly. The G4 Big Boss is a great one to be able to work up to fisting too. The length of this was amazing, and the head of this was shaped like an actual penis head. The silicone was amazingly firm yet pliable, so that it didn’t hurt when thrusting. This is though, one of those toys that you would definitely want to work up to using if you aren’t used to larger toys. With the girth being 1 3/4″, it’s not the size of your normal toy. You want to be careful with thrusting, as with any toy, about hitting the cervix, you can cause damage, or permanent harm to the body. This toy can be used anally, but I would suggest using a condom unless that is the only way and only person this toy is going to be use for. This toy cannot be worn as a plug, but it really doesn’t have the possibility of getting lost inside the rectum. This toy is a tad bit too big for that possibility.

The controls were pretty easy to use. The buttons are on the handle and are touch activated. You really don’t have to push hard to get them to respond. They do light up so that it is possible to use this in the dark. You have a + sign, a – sign and a * sign on the handle for buttons. The star sign and the plus sign both can turn on the toy. The minus sign turns off the toy when held down and brought down to the lowest setting and then off. The plus sign increases the intensity of the toy. The star sign changes the patterns of the toy. Yes, this toy even has patterns. Honestly, they are patterns I’ve not seen in another toy. They aren’t your normal ones either. The patterns are as follows: bzzzzzz, stronger bzzzzzz, bzz bzzz bzz bzz bzzz, 3 quick bzz repeating, and low bzz getting higher then starting over.

The G4 Big Boss is not loud. It could be heard through a blanket but not through a door. Sadly, the highest setting can begin to numb your hand after a little bit. We decided to use this toy without the vibrations because the toy itself had more than enough sensation with the ridges along the length of the toy. The penis head also strokes the G spot just right, and if used well could cause squirting with the right person.

The funnest part of this toy, was when my partner decided she just couldn’t to see what the toy felt like herself. She thrust the toy inside me then herself. OMG the feeling was amazing and didn’t hurt at all. This toy was firm but pliable enough to do double vaginal penetration with. She said that the feeling was wonderful for her too. The toy didn’t hurt against her skin and didn’t hurt when thrusting either.

Overall I’d give this toy a 4 out of 5 stars. Only because the directions were not clear on how to charge this, which had little effect on the stars. The main reason this went down in stars is the fact this toy causes the hand numbing sensations. I hate that in a toy, and it causes me
to want to use the vibrations less. I love toys that the vibration is in the head or body of the toy and less in the handle of the toy.

This toy I would recommend and have recommended to friends.