Cenophobia is the fear of new things, and to an extent, we all have it. What keeps us moving forward is trying new things regardless of our fear or uncertainty. As a sex toy reviewer, I have received some toys that I have been scared to try, and so Master gave me the writing assignment of “How do you get over your fear to try something new. When you get a toy that is too big or intimidates you, how do you get over it and try it?”

Honestly, if I were not reviewing it, I might not try it for quite some time. When I need a little extra “something” during play, I may try it, but out of the blue, just because it is there? Probably not. Yea, ok, that probably doesn’t help. Master asked me to write something that would help others who may be in this situation. My answer is, if you are nervous, don’t do it. If you are scared and you try it, your mental side will make it tough for your physical side to overcome.

The first toy that I was scared to try, was a Doc Johnson Original butt plug. I saw the plug inside of the package and freaked out at it’s size. I mean, it had to have been twice the size of Master’s cock in width, and I had a hard time taking Him! The reason I wanted a plug was to get used to anal, and yet the first plug I get is Ginormous!? Yea, not gonna happen! I put it away, without even taking it out of the package. Thing is, I was curious, and although it was in my drawer, unopened, I’d peek at it every once in a while. Eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I put a TON of lube on it and slowly inserted the plug. Oh My GODS it hurt! So I tried to remove it…it was stuck! I started to freak out! The only way to get it out was to calm down and relax. Once I did, it came out easily.

I guess where I am going with this is trust. Trust in yourself and trust in your partner(s). Master asked me if I was scared of our future and how He might handle the power. He asked if I was scared that He would abuse the power and become my abusive ex-husband. My reply? No. I am not worried at all. Why? Because I trust Him completely. I know He would not abuse His power, because He loves me. We are soul mates and He wouldn’t harm Himself. Therefore, He wouldn’t harm me.

I don’t freak out often, but when I do, I get tense and can’t think straight. I try to go through life in the most possible calm manner. This allows me to keep my head on straight. I also tend to not look very far into the future, which sucks for my financial matters, but if I did, I’d see how bad my finances are and freak out. It’s a vicious circle. Luckily for me, I have given complete control over to Him, financial as well, so I no longer have to worry about all of that. You see, me being His slave has made me free!