Being a woman with children, I am very concerned with my inner parts. I am not the same person, that I was in my twenties. There are things that we can do to get back into shape, whether it be regular exercise or eating right. A woman can do vaginal exercise with or without equipment.  The Couture Collection Eclipse from California Exotic Novelties is just such a piece of equipment. Whether you are using this to strengthen your vaginal muscles or for pleasure, this is an easy and affordable way to go.

Made of plastic and silicone, the Eclipse is lightweight, easy to use and easy to care for.  This is the first set of vaginal balls that I have tried, but it won’t be my last. After getting over being afraid to use these, they looked very big to me when I first placed them in my hand, I grabbed my lube and went about testing this set of vaginal balls. This takes a bit of maneuvering and a good bit of lube, at least for your first try.  First one ball, then the other and I hardly knew they were there. There is very little weight to this set of balls, they are only 2.8 ounces. I walked around with the balls inserted for most of the day, and I can honestly tell a difference already. The Man and I started what we thought would be a quickie before bed and WOW! I can only imagine what sex will be like after I make a concerted effort to exercise every day. Not only did I notice a difference, but The Man did as well.

After using this, I was able to clean it with soap and warm water, although toy wipes or toy spray would also be effective. I put this in a cloth bag that I had on hand, but it can very easily be put in a side drawer out of the way. I am not sure that too many people would know what this is just by looking at it. The balls come in a small, white cardboard box, that could also be used for storage.


  • reasonable price
  • lightweight
  • easy to use and clean
  • ABS plastic with Japanese medical grade silicone
  • comfortable


  • a little afraid of the cord snapping, it felt a little flimsy
  • some may need a little more weight for the vaginal balls to be effective