Rainbow Nubby Wand

I have SERIOUSLY been loving glass lately! I know when I first heard of glass toys, I was SO scared. I mean, what if they broke while I was using them? Thing is, they won’t! You’d have to be into some heavy shit to break one of these bad boys! I mean, I have dropped them on the floor, banged them against the bed rails and smashed them into the end table without them breaking. Not that I think you should do any of those things, take care of your toys, put them away when you’re done playing with them….remember all that shit your mom told you when you were little?

Glass toys are stiff as hell, making for some really fun prodding! My favorite right now is the Hand-Blown Inked Glass Probe! It is a multi-function tool that will make you feel so good! The head of this dildo is great for vaginal use and it has a nice angle to it, so you can reach your G-Spot JUST right! The other side has balls on it and makes an AMAZING anal toy!

Glass is a nice material for dildos as well, because they start out cool, then warm up to your body temperature. You can also run it under warm water to start out warm, both are fucking awesome sensations!

I have found that the Rainbow Nubby Wand kind of hurts when I fuck it from the front, but the anal stimulation I get from this toy is out of this world!

Another good thing about glass is that you can use any kind of lube that you want. If you are using a silicone dildo, you shouldn’t use a silicone based lube. However, my favorite lube IS silicone based, so I kinda cry a little when I have to use a water based lube. Ok, that’s a lie, I’ll use it anyway, but I really do prefer Wet Platinum Bodyglideover anything else!

And, I think the BEST thing about glass is their price! Sure you’ll find some freakishly outrageous prices, but you’ll find a lot at under $25 as well! Don’t want to spend that much? Yea, I don’t blame you! Which is why I am offering you a 15% off code to use! When you check out, make sure to use code: TX5 and you will save 15% on your entire order!

Glass Sex Toys – Not like walking on broken shards with your vagina

It is a goal of mine to collect the entire Icicles line, kinda like Pokemon. When I came across this site (no pun intended), I knew I had to share their Glass sex toys page with you all. It’s a full page of Icicles! I was in heaven!

And this is the cool thing about this site. You will find scratch off tickets, and when you drag the dime over the scratch off are, you will reveal a special code off your order. I got 10% off $25 or more, which makes this dildo $41.40. That is almost $10 off other sites I have seen this on!

Most glass dildos are made from borosilicate glass, which is inorganic and non metallic. This is great in my opinion, because they are SO EASY to clean! They are generally smooth and nonporous, so you can use soap and water or toy cleaner on them and not have to worry about them getting ruined. You can also use any type of lube that you want. My favorite kinds of lube are silicone based, but that can’t be used with silicone toys, due to possible destruction of them.

Now, I had one person who cringed at the thought of glass toys when I talked about them. To quote her, “You know that scene in Die Hard when Bruce Willis is walking across the broken glass in his bare feet? My vagina is thinking about that scene.” I laughed so hard when she told me that.

The thing about glass sex toys is that they are very hard, and have a high chemical resistance and mechanical strength. It works well with temperature changes and can handle a fall or two. If it were to break, it would break into chunks instead of shatter or splinter, so there is no worries of your vagina having to walk across broken glass. Also, your body is much softer than the glass, so there is little to no change of you breaking it while masturbating. I know, when I first heard of glass toys, I thought these same things, so it isn’t uncommon, but it is just a fear that holds no weight. Glass is now my favorite sex toy material!