Month: June 2019

Indian Spice Love Oil by Good Clean Love

My Indian Spice Love Oil came in a  cute little 2.7 ounce aluminum bottle.

Pungent and Spicy – A sweet balanced heat. A warm desert night, in a far off land, where spoken language is foreign, but the scents around you are reassuringly familiar… These oils were once more precious than gold, so powerful were their aphrodisiac qualities. Indian Spice combines oils which are known for their ability to create a euphoric release of stress and anxiety, as well as providing a new appetite for love and life.

We are very excited about our new Love Oil packaging! In response to the customer feedback, we have moved into a sleek, modern aluminum bottle with a pump top. Equally eco-conscious as glass, these bottles offer a safer container for our precious therapeutic essential oil formulas. They even have a smoother more erotic feel when you hold them and we are confident that they will inspire you to go to a whole new level of intimacy.

Good Clean Love Oils make touching, kissing and smelling each other better. Our oil formulas leave your skin feeling as good as it smells. They are extremely nourishing to the skin, with the ability to soften, smooth and heal the skin. Our essential oil formulas are made with pure essential oils from all over the world. We use organic and wild crafted oils whenever possible.

All Good Clean Love oils are safe to use anywhere on the body. 100% vegan, edible.


The above is the product description from the Good Clean Love website. I admit if I were just browsing the site, this description would probably be enough to get me to try the product. While sitting here deciding what I wanted to add to the review, I used some of the oil on my hands.

I can’t stop sniffing my hands, this smells wonderful! 

It isn’t a really strong oil. What I mean by this is that once it starts to absorb into the skin, the smell loses most of its strong odor. I can smell it if I put my hand up to my nose and smell it, but I couldn’t smell it across the room. My skin feels really soft after using the love oil and it is definitely something that I would recommend to others.

  • Natural aphrodisiac aromatherapy
  • Awakens arousal mechanism through scent/touch
  • Creates a sensuous bridge to your partner
  • 100% Natural, vegan and cruelty-free
  • No Petrochemicals and no parabens

Ingredients– Apricot Kernel Oil, Tocopherol, Exotic Blend of Essential Oils, Organic Jojoba Oil


I don’t know about the aphrodisiac part of  this equation. Most things that say they have aphrodisiac qualities never seem to affect my spouse or I in a sexual manner. Now that being said, we both enjoyed the smell a lot.

I have to give the Indian Spice Love Oil 5 of 5 stars.

  • it smells wonderful
  • softens skin
  • no parabens or petrochemicals
  • nice packaging

Honi Vibe by PicoBong

I received the Honi Vibe from our partners at Babeland for a review. I was kind of worried at first as this is just a small bullet. I honestly have not had very good luck with bullets. I have the iron clit ‘o steel and not found many bullets that have enough power for me. Sadly, needing such high intensity, this vibe falls short for me. This has some great patterns and is pretty high intensity for new users, but for us who need more this lacks for me.
This toy is teal and color and I wouldn’t say this is waterproof. I did a test to find out if things were able to get into the groove of the lid and the body and found that it does happen. When the lid was removed, the Honi Vibe had a film that had gathered in this ridge. So, unless properly cleaned this space can cause lots of problems with bacteria growing. The other problem lies in the wording on this toy. The little grooves didn’t get cleaned very well with a simple cleaning. I used a q-tip dipped in toy cleaner to make sure these grooves were fully cleaned out.
The Honi Vibe is 6 inches long including the string. The string itself is 2 13/16 inches long. The body of the toy is 3 1/16 inches long. The diameter of this toy at it’s skinniest point is 1/4 inch and 1 1/16 at it’s thickest point. This is made of silicone and abs plastic. Which being silicone means don’t use with silicone lubes.
This isn’t recommended for anal use, so water lube is great for vaginal penetration. This toy does use one AAA battery. The battery compartment is under the screw off cap, and is very slim, just enough room for the battery. When you have the battery inserted correctly, you will be a slight buzz when you put the top back on.
Not being one to read directions before I try out a vibe, I did realize that I couldn’t figure out how to turn the toy on. The Honi Vibe does come with very detailed directions, but I was too excited to read them. After reading them, I did realize that you will find a plus
sign and a minus sign integrated into the words PicoBong on the toy. Holding the plus sign down will allow you to turn on the toy and increase the intensity. After the intensity is on high, holding down the plus sign again for 2 seconds according to the instructions (which I found to be more like 5 seconds) will change the pattern of the buzzing. There are 12 different patterns this toy includes. I get bored after about 5 and just start using it with the pattern I have found. One day I’ll get through all the patterns.
I have tried this toy both externally on the clit and internally vaginally. The string does allow it to be placed internally, but I wouldn’t push it too far into the body. The string isn’t long enough to insert this anally though. There is no flared base and this could get lost within the rectum. I did insert this vaginally with one of the patterns turned on. The pattern can be felt, but not very strong. The vibrations on high are very weak for me. For someone who is very sensitive or a beginner this would be a great toy!
Overall, this toy for a beginner is a 4/5. This is losing stars for the fact that bacteria can get stuck in places if not cleaned properly. For an experienced user, or someone like me who needs powerful vibrations, I would give this a 3/5.
This is losing the second star for the weaker vibration intensity. I would definitely give this as a gift to someone whom is just starting out with toys or is sensitive to vibration intensity.
Babeland is selling this great toy for beginners and sensitive users! Go get yours now!

10 Function Tantric Chakra Massager

Here we are again, in my seemingly unending quest for the perfect sex toy. We turn our minds and bodies to the bullet vibrator. A bullet vibrator can be used on your clit or inserted vaginally. I prefer to use my bullets on my clit. Sometimes I use it during sex with my husband for the added enjoyment of both of us. A bullet is a great start to your collection or even a great addition to your already burgeoning collection.

A bullet was the very first toy that I ever tried and it reeled me in before I ever realized what was happening. I love being married and I love having a toy collection. Although it is a very small collection- it’s mine and I love it dearly. It really shocked me how much more enjoyable toys can make your sexual life.

It wasn’t specifically the bullet above, although it looks very similar, minus the “jewels”. It was a great little bullet, but I HATED that it used watch batteries. I didn’t actually hate it enough to stop using it. It was a kinda grudging love/hate relationship that we had going on. Picture me a few, okay more than a few, years later. I was frustrated about my lack of sex toys, due in part to bad customer service from an as yet unnamed source. I began to look around for places to purchase toys again and I landed on a wonderful little site, that shall not be named. One thing I did notice was that I was drawn to Cal Exotics. Their toys seemed to call to me and wonder of wonders, I realized that the beloved bullet that I was so hung up on was a Cal Exotics toy. I began to research more of their toys and I found that most of the toys that I find so enjoyable are also Cal Exotics toys.

Sorry, that I have let this story drone on, but what I wanted to say before I got into the actual review part of this story, is that Cal Exotics is a wonderful company filled with so many wonderful toys. Every toy that I have isn’t Cal Exotics but without the wonderful little bullet that started my magical journey into the sex toy world, I might not be here today writing these reviews.

The 10 Function Tantric Chakra Massager from Cal Exotics has a cute little design, that catches my eye. The one that I received for review from the wonderful Nichole at Cal Exotics, is a lovely shade of purple. It is available from CalEx in red, pink and purple. The bullet part is 2 inches long and all of that 2 inches can be inserted. It uses 2 AAA batteries for its vibrating, escalating and pulsating patterns. The bullet is made of PU coated plastic. PU coated plastic can be cleaned using warm soap and water or a toy cleaner. You can use water-based or silicone-based lubes with this toy. It is very easy to operate, since it only has one button that scrolls through the different levels and turns it off if you hold it down for 3 seconds. The bullet plugs into the remote on the end opposite where you insert the batteries. The remote has a beautiful heart based design over purple plastic. The handle itself is about the length of a typical cell phone and fits comfortably in my hand.

I would say, for inexperienced users, the Tantric Chakra Massager is a good bullet to start with. It’s vibrations aren’t too strong and the patterns can help you to decide what your body enjoys. For advanced users I feel that there is simply not enough power backing up this cute little toy.

Level 1- high

Level 2- medium

Level 3- low

Level 4- steady pulsating that reminds one of a revving engine, although not as loud- medium power

Level 5- low continuous buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz

Level 6- high continuous buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz

Level 7- medium continuous vibration

Level 8- medium continuous buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz

Level 9- buzz buzz buzz buzz

Level 10- low continuous vibration

This doesn’t have enough power to keep me very interested for long. I also noticed a rather annoying high pitched whine that comes from the bullet on the lower levels. When I say high pitched, I don’t mean really high pitched. I guess what I mean is that it is a little intense. Intense enough that I don’t think I could stand to use this during sex, it would completely kill the mood for me.

If you want a great bullet with a lot of power, my favorite right now is the Bound By Diamonds- Diamond Teaser. It is very powerful, runs on 3 AAA batteries and has 5 speeds of intense vibration.

On a scale of 1 – 5 stars, I rate the 10 Function Tantric Chakra Massager a 3.5. I like the way it looks and how easy it is to use. It doesn’t use too many batteries and it is just the right size for the bullets that I like. It just doesn’t have enough power for me and there wasn’t enough variation in the different levels.  Oh well, I guess it is back to my Bound by Diamonds- Diamond Teaser for now.

Gothic Black Silk And Satin Peep Toe Stiletto High Heel Shoes

Of course, their stock photo looks 100% better than I could ever do, so this just gives you a point of reference and you can see the details on the shoe.

I recently joined a Fashion Blogger program for Milanoo. I ordered the Gothic Black Silk And Satin Peep Toe Stiletto High Heel Shoes. I was unsure if what I would receive would be good quality. I didn’t need to have worried about it. The shoes that I received were beautiful and although the fit is probably at the end of what I am able to wear, I am very happy with them. I was a little afraid to go up a size since I don’t know a lot about how they size shoes overseas. I now know that when I order some shoes, I can go up to the next size, if the next size available is European size 40 ( US size 9.5) and they will fit just fine. Now, all I need to do is get used to walking in heels this high. These shoes went just fine with my jeans and I am sure they would look great with dresses/skirts as well.

I would say on a scale from 1-5, I am definitely a 5. I am very happy with what I received. Milanoo has a wide variety of clothing, shoes, costumes, wigs, home fashions and bags. Just know that Milanoo is overseas, so know that the shipping times to the US may be longer than you are accustomed to. Until August 15, they are having a Goodbye Summer Sale, where you can purchase items for up to 50 percent off.

Good Clean Love Vanilla Chai body candy

Vanilla Chai body candy smells AH-MAZING! A very spicy vanilla that I just adore. It really bothers me that this was as far as my like went for this. The nice smell was the only thing that really stood out for me with this product.

Written on the back of the container:

Experience a whole new kind of candy with the one you love. Enjoy an entirely new flavor of kiss or as a topping for all your lover’s most kissable spots. Apply generously before kissing.

*Not for use internally. If irritation should occur discontinue use immediately.*


Avocado Butter, Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Candelila Wax, Essential Oil Blend,Lecithin, Tocopherol, Stevia Extract

The website also lists Isopropyl Myristate as one of the ingredients, but it isn’t listed on the container itself.

There were a few things that stood out to me as rather odd. First, I will ask a question. When you kiss your spouse/lover, is it just a peck or are there tongues involved? I know when I kiss my husband, tongues are definitely involved. Next question is, would you say that having the body candy in your mouth is using it internally? I would ( some may consider me a little weird, I consider myself A LOT WEIRD). So how can it be edible when it’s not supposed to be used internally? I know some of you are saying to yourselves that I am over-thinking this and internally means inside your privates ( my husband said this to me as well). Honestly for me, if it says to put on kissable spots and also says not to be used internally, I would not use this at all.

Let me be clear, I AM QUIRKY!

For something that calls itself body candy that is supposed to be put on kissable spots before you “kiss” it from your partner’s body I expect it to taste great as well as being very safe for your body. I wouldn’t consider using this because I would be very nervous about getting any kind of residue from this on my or my spouse’s naughty bits. I would question the safeness of using such a product. The second thing that I was questioning is, if this is edible- why doesn’t it have a taste? I tried it several times; I put it on my lips several times with nothing resembling a taste. Heck, I just stuck my tongue in the tin to see if I could get a taste from that, NOTHING! I may be the one person that this product simply doesn’t work for.

Reasons to love products from Good Clean Love-

♥ No petrochemicals or parabens which irritate sensitive tissue

♥ Organic solutions to common sexual dysfunction issues

♥ Natural Ingredients

♥ 100% Vegan

♥ Cruelty Free

♥ Edible

I absolutely adore the lube that I received with this package, but I simply couldn’t find much of anything that I liked about the body candy other than its smell. As a consumer, I would not buy this product. It simply isn’t for me. I would have to give this product 2 of 5 stars. 1 star for the reasons I listed above about loving products from this company and 1 star because I liked the smell. While the idea of this product may have been a winner, for me the execution fell short.