Siri by LELO

Siri by LELO is simply a wonderful little gem of a toy.  It fits into the palm of my hand, the buttons are exactly where I would want them to be and it is so easy to use. Siri can be used on your clit or labia, if you so choose. I am a big fan of clit vibes, so this works very well for me.

Siri is made of silicone and ABS plastic.  The Siri measures in at a little under 4 inches long, almost 2 inches wide and weighs less than 12 ounces.  One would think that because this is such a light vibe, that it wouldn’t have much in regards to satisfying power. That thought turns out to be so wrong where Siri is concerned.

When you first take your vibe from its box, you need to charge it for a full two hours. You will know that it is done charging when the LED lights stop flashing and emit a steady glow.  The Siri has 4 buttons; a plus, a minus, an up arrow and a down arrow. The Siri can be locked so that, you can travel with it. You simply need to hold down the plus and minus buttons together for  several seconds until the lights dim. To unlock it, do the same until the lights brighten. To turn it on, you need to press the plus sign. To increase the power, hold the plus sign down. When you want to decrease the power press the minus button. This also turns Siri off if you press and hold it. Pressing the plus sign takes you through the different levels.

Siri is very quiet, even at its highest level. You cannot hear it through a closed door at all. I used this while watching tv with my husband and he didn’t even notice it for quite a bit. Only use water based lubricants with the Siri and don’t put it in water. I found it easiest to use toy wipes to clean it.


  • rechargeable
  • quiet
  • multiple speeds
  • lockable buttons
  • powerful
  • easy to hold and use
  • small and discreet


  • not waterproof

I was not at all surprised to enjoy this toy so much. I have had so much success with the last few LELO toys that I have tried. I am really impressed with the design and power behind this toy. This is definitely a 5 star toy!

Thanks to Babeland for providing the Siri in exchange for an honest review.

Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a vibrating muscle massager that has  long been commandeered by many seeking greater orgasmic fulfillment. I had often wondered what the big deal was, I mean seriously; it’s huge, everyone says it’s really loud, it only has 2 speeds and I might have forgotten to mention that it’s um…huge! It was provided for me to review by the generous folks at Babeland.

Well, I can honestly now see what all of the fuss has been about. Let me tell you the specifics about this particular equipment ( because seriously IT IS NOT A TOY… it is much too awesome to be called a toy) and then we will get why everyone should have this in their toy box.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a vibrating wand massager. It has been around since the 70s and seems to be a staple in the adult film industry. It runs electrically and is only for use with 110-120v power sources. The Hitachi is 12 inches long and the head is 2 1/2″ in diameter. It comes with a cord that is over 6 feet long. Look at it this way, if it doesn’t work for you sexually or isn’t soothing to your muscles, you could always carry it in your car and use it for a weapon if someone tries to rob you. Weighing in at 1.2 pounds and having almost enough cord to use it like a lasso, it will definitely give someone pause if you swing it at their head a few times.

Ok, on to the reasons why everyone should have one of these bad boys. You can use it as a muscle massager or as a clit massager, either way you’ll be nice and relaxed when you’re done. It is sturdy and easy to hold on to. After using another wand massager which I will not name ( let’s call it the Wannabe Hitachi), I really felt as if wands weren’t for me. It was clunky and it just didn’t fit my contours well at all. The first wand massager was almost enough to turn me off for good, but after trying the Hitachi, I see it’s the one I should have gotten in the beginning.

The Hitachi is made of vinyl and hard plastic, which are very safe materials that are super easy to clean. Some soap and water or your toy cleaner  are all that is needed. You will be done in a snap. The box that this comes in is pretty discreet, but let’s face it, there are very few people who don’t know what a Hitachi wand is used for.


  • Electric- makes it worth it just so you don’t have to buy tons of batteries
  • Flexible
  • Powerful
  • Easy to clean
  • I found it to not be too loud for me- you can hear it in my room but since I use music to cover most of my toys anyway, it wasn’t something that could be heard through my closed door


  • Only to be used in the USA
  • Should only be used for less than 30 minutes at a time ( let’s face it, if it takes you more than 30 minutes to get off with a Hitachi, you have a “Clit of Steel” and nothing is going to work for you)
  • not waterproof ( BECAUSE IT’S ELECTRIC!!!)
  • only 2 speeds ( low which is really- Phasers set on stun and high- which I have no clue what something this high would be called other than OMG OMG, I am a puddle of goo now..)

If I could give this a thousand stars I would. It is just that damn good! One thing I would suggest though, and I am going to invest in it myself, is to buy the wand controller. This makes it more of a variable speed instead of simply a 2 speed vibe. As a plus the wand controller adds 6 more feet of cord so that it gives you a little more room to move away from the outlet.

I gave you pros and cons on this item, but the cons aren’t necessarily a bad thing for me, because most of those don’t really hinder me at all. I live in the USA, it took like 10 mins for me to get off with this, I play better in bed and I barely even used it on high ( low was just fine for me and was probably stronger than high on many of my toys). There is definitely a special place for the person who thought this particular toy up. 5 of 5 stars!

G4 Big Boss Vibe

POW! Definitely the first words that came to mind when I saw this vibe. It’s a nice size and the silicone gives it just enough drag to make you feel wonderful. I’m talking about the G4 Big Boss Vibe that Babeland supplied for this review. I was so excited to get this and when the box came I don’t think I could have torn open the paper and box faster. Sadly, I didn’t read the directions well, and couldn’t figure out how to charge this. This was my first rechargeable vibe, and I definitely was impressed. I didn’t think a toy without batteries or being plugged into the wall was going to be good, but this definitely was. Measuring in at 9 3/4″ long and 1 3/4″ wide, I was definitely ready to try this out. Boy, I was disappointed in the fact I had to wait, it needed charging first.

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to charge this. The directions are very tiny, and there wasn’t any clear direct direction on how to plug this in. There was no port to plug anything in, and the charger was just some metal prongs. I tried and tried and tried to figure out how to charge this. After 1/2 hour, and help from another friend. We both felt really stupid when we realized that the word “FUN” on the front of the toy were metal, not silver color, and that is how you charge this toy. Well, off the toy went to the bedroom for a long charging and my impatience had to sit still for a couple hours.

Finally, it was time to try out one of the toys I had been waiting for for a long time. My partner and I were really surprised at the weight of the toy, but how easy it was to use. You can use lube with this, but only water lube, as silicone lube will break this down, as it’s a 100% silicone toy. Well, they say 100% silicone, but the handle is plastic and metal. I love how the handle is actually a loop handle instead of just something to hold on to. It made thrusting sooooo much easier. I have to say, having the excitement of getting to use this toy, we didn’t need any lube at all.

Very amazing feeling, and helped fill me up greatly. The G4 Big Boss is a great one to be able to work up to fisting too. The length of this was amazing, and the head of this was shaped like an actual penis head. The silicone was amazingly firm yet pliable, so that it didn’t hurt when thrusting. This is though, one of those toys that you would definitely want to work up to using if you aren’t used to larger toys. With the girth being 1 3/4″, it’s not the size of your normal toy. You want to be careful with thrusting, as with any toy, about hitting the cervix, you can cause damage, or permanent harm to the body. This toy can be used anally, but I would suggest using a condom unless that is the only way and only person this toy is going to be use for. This toy cannot be worn as a plug, but it really doesn’t have the possibility of getting lost inside the rectum. This toy is a tad bit too big for that possibility.

The controls were pretty easy to use. The buttons are on the handle and are touch activated. You really don’t have to push hard to get them to respond. They do light up so that it is possible to use this in the dark. You have a + sign, a – sign and a * sign on the handle for buttons. The star sign and the plus sign both can turn on the toy. The minus sign turns off the toy when held down and brought down to the lowest setting and then off. The plus sign increases the intensity of the toy. The star sign changes the patterns of the toy. Yes, this toy even has patterns. Honestly, they are patterns I’ve not seen in another toy. They aren’t your normal ones either. The patterns are as follows: bzzzzzz, stronger bzzzzzz, bzz bzzz bzz bzz bzzz, 3 quick bzz repeating, and low bzz getting higher then starting over.

The G4 Big Boss is not loud. It could be heard through a blanket but not through a door. Sadly, the highest setting can begin to numb your hand after a little bit. We decided to use this toy without the vibrations because the toy itself had more than enough sensation with the ridges along the length of the toy. The penis head also strokes the G spot just right, and if used well could cause squirting with the right person.

The funnest part of this toy, was when my partner decided she just couldn’t to see what the toy felt like herself. She thrust the toy inside me then herself. OMG the feeling was amazing and didn’t hurt at all. This toy was firm but pliable enough to do double vaginal penetration with. She said that the feeling was wonderful for her too. The toy didn’t hurt against her skin and didn’t hurt when thrusting either.

Overall I’d give this toy a 4 out of 5 stars. Only because the directions were not clear on how to charge this, which had little effect on the stars. The main reason this went down in stars is the fact this toy causes the hand numbing sensations. I hate that in a toy, and it causes me
to want to use the vibrations less. I love toys that the vibration is in the head or body of the toy and less in the handle of the toy.

This toy I would recommend and have recommended to friends.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Book vs. Movie

I have seen it all over my facebook timeline “Fifty Shades promotes abuse” and I didn’t understand it. I figured that maybe they didn’t understand BDSM and the care put into it. BDSM is not abuse, it is the exact opposite of that. The book, in my opinion, did a pretty good job of showing what BDSM is. There was talks beforehand, there was ample aftercare and there was an intimate connection between both parties. None of this was seen in the movie. I watched the movie this morning; I know, I’m a little late here, but I wasn’t comfy watching it in the theaters and I am really glad that I decided to wait to be able to watch it from home. Having been in an abusive relationship in the past, and being in a BDSM relationship currently, there are HUGE differences between the two. The main part is consent. With my husband, I have full control to not have control. I know for those who haven’t participated in BDSM, that may sound a little strange, but that’s how it is, the sub has all the power, even though it doesn’t seem that way. In an abusive relationship, the controller (I won’t give them the title of Dom, they don’t deserve it) has the power and takes control away from the victim.

The issues I have with the movie are that they left out some of the main things that makes a relationship BDSM, and by leaving them out, it shows an abusive relationship. While reading the book, I stopped quite a few times to play. It was a fun and engaging read. However, with the movie, I wanted to cry and hide. I wanted to punch Christian in the face. I am writing this post within minutes after finishing the movie and my emotions are all over the board. It is hard to describe, but I get it now. I understand all those facebook posts exclaiming Fifty Shades to be abuse. If someone didn’t read the book, and only watched the movie, that’s all they see. Christian has the power, he doesn’t give Anna a choice. He love bombs her as a narcissist does and she, even though she is upset, falls for the love bombing and stays.

Now, for those of us who read the books, we know that the elevator scene at the end of the movie is not where it ends, and I think that also pushed me in the wrong direction. It was an awful ending all around. I beg those who have not read the book, to please do so, and do so quickly. Then do some research on proper BDSM relationships, because the movie is NOT what we live. I honestly feel very violated after watching it, and not in a good way. It brought up so many bad feelings of my abusive relationship. I know that this isn’t a very well put together post, but that is because I literally put no thought into it. I just started typing and let my emotions come out through my fingers. I don’t know if they intend to release more movies, but if they do, I sincerely hope they do a better job of explaining BDSM. The boks were supposed to bring BDSM into normalcy, they WERE opening minds and sales of erotic toys and including bondage devices were increasing. People were rethinking things and seeing the joy that could come of power play and I think the movie destroyed that. I know that I, for one, would have NEVER considered a BDSM relationship if all I knew of it was the movie. I am sorry, but I just can not recommend the movie to anyone. I can, however, recommend the books. Please read them, read all of them and see what this lifestyle can actually be like. Go on FetLife and read stories of power play relationships. Meet up with locals who partake, but do not watch the movie and think that is how things are.

Encounter: Ultimate Anal Lube

Today our review is brought to us by the amazing people at Lucky Bloke.

This is some AMAZING lube. I didn’t really have high hopes for it, as many lubes claim so much, but I was willing to give another lube a try. Boy, was a shocked when this lube did more than just lubricate!

The Encounter: Ultimate Anal Lube was something I had not had high hopes for because it claimed to help relax the muscles with mint extract. I’ve read way too much claims for such things as relaxing the muscles and the lube FAILING majorly. This lube DIDN’T fail. It made GREAT strides in an anal lube that does help make anal SO much better.

This lube claims to be thick, and my dear it’s thick but not to the point of not being able to use it. This is thick but silky. Doesn’t make you feel like you’re using a water based lube at all. This has the consistency of a silicone lube but is a water based lube. So yes, this lube is silicone toy safe! This lube is also considered latex safe as well!

The ingredients are listed as (paraben free! glycerin free! and vegan friendly): Water, Propylene, Glycol, Hydroxyethylicellulose, Butylene glycol, Carbomer, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Eugenia, Caryophyllus Flower Extract, Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract, Melissa Officinalis Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, PEG-45M, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tocopheryl Acetate, Triethanolamine, DMDM Hydantoin, Sodium benzoate.

This bottle is great too! It is a pump not a squeeze bottle. I have found this is so much easier when dealing with lube because you don’t have to hold the bottle to get the lube out. Has a great hard clear cap over it too, so it doesn’t leak anywhere. The bottle is 2oz and it goes REALLY far. We have used it quite a few times and have barely made a dent into the bottle. This on their website only goes for 6.99! This is an amazing deal! They offer condoms to be bought with all your orders too!

Now, I bet you’re all still wondering about this mint extract right? Never thought something as simple as mint could help relax the muscles for anal at all. BUT my partner and I decided to use this, and she didn’t even realize I had entered her. She was so shocked and loved the feeling it gave her. No tingling or anything odd feeling. She just relaxed very quickly. I would suggest this for anyone who needs something to help them get over the pain from anal.

Lucky Bloke was awesome in sending me this lube and I am going to be getting more from them soon! I can’t wait to try more of their products. Check out their website and make sure you order yours now!

Couture Collection Eclipse from California Exotic Novelties

Being a woman with children, I am very concerned with my inner parts. I am not the same person, that I was in my twenties. There are things that we can do to get back into shape, whether it be regular exercise or eating right. A woman can do vaginal exercise with or without equipment.  The Couture Collection Eclipse from California Exotic Novelties is just such a piece of equipment. Whether you are using this to strengthen your vaginal muscles or for pleasure, this is an easy and affordable way to go.

Made of plastic and silicone, the Eclipse is lightweight, easy to use and easy to care for.  This is the first set of vaginal balls that I have tried, but it won’t be my last. After getting over being afraid to use these, they looked very big to me when I first placed them in my hand, I grabbed my lube and went about testing this set of vaginal balls. This takes a bit of maneuvering and a good bit of lube, at least for your first try.  First one ball, then the other and I hardly knew they were there. There is very little weight to this set of balls, they are only 2.8 ounces. I walked around with the balls inserted for most of the day, and I can honestly tell a difference already. The Man and I started what we thought would be a quickie before bed and WOW! I can only imagine what sex will be like after I make a concerted effort to exercise every day. Not only did I notice a difference, but The Man did as well.

After using this, I was able to clean it with soap and warm water, although toy wipes or toy spray would also be effective. I put this in a cloth bag that I had on hand, but it can very easily be put in a side drawer out of the way. I am not sure that too many people would know what this is just by looking at it. The balls come in a small, white cardboard box, that could also be used for storage.


  • reasonable price
  • lightweight
  • easy to use and clean
  • ABS plastic with Japanese medical grade silicone
  • comfortable


  • a little afraid of the cord snapping, it felt a little flimsy
  • some may need a little more weight for the vaginal balls to be effective

Cenophobia and getting over it.

Cenophobia is the fear of new things, and to an extent, we all have it. What keeps us moving forward is trying new things regardless of our fear or uncertainty. As a sex toy reviewer, I have received some toys that I have been scared to try, and so Master gave me the writing assignment of “How do you get over your fear to try something new. When you get a toy that is too big or intimidates you, how do you get over it and try it?”

Honestly, if I were not reviewing it, I might not try it for quite some time. When I need a little extra “something” during play, I may try it, but out of the blue, just because it is there? Probably not. Yea, ok, that probably doesn’t help. Master asked me to write something that would help others who may be in this situation. My answer is, if you are nervous, don’t do it. If you are scared and you try it, your mental side will make it tough for your physical side to overcome.

The first toy that I was scared to try, was a Doc Johnson Original butt plug. I saw the plug inside of the package and freaked out at it’s size. I mean, it had to have been twice the size of Master’s cock in width, and I had a hard time taking Him! The reason I wanted a plug was to get used to anal, and yet the first plug I get is Ginormous!? Yea, not gonna happen! I put it away, without even taking it out of the package. Thing is, I was curious, and although it was in my drawer, unopened, I’d peek at it every once in a while. Eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I put a TON of lube on it and slowly inserted the plug. Oh My GODS it hurt! So I tried to remove it…it was stuck! I started to freak out! The only way to get it out was to calm down and relax. Once I did, it came out easily.

I guess where I am going with this is trust. Trust in yourself and trust in your partner(s). Master asked me if I was scared of our future and how He might handle the power. He asked if I was scared that He would abuse the power and become my abusive ex-husband. My reply? No. I am not worried at all. Why? Because I trust Him completely. I know He would not abuse His power, because He loves me. We are soul mates and He wouldn’t harm Himself. Therefore, He wouldn’t harm me.

I don’t freak out often, but when I do, I get tense and can’t think straight. I try to go through life in the most possible calm manner. This allows me to keep my head on straight. I also tend to not look very far into the future, which sucks for my financial matters, but if I did, I’d see how bad my finances are and freak out. It’s a vicious circle. Luckily for me, I have given complete control over to Him, financial as well, so I no longer have to worry about all of that. You see, me being His slave has made me free!

Calla Vibe by Fun Factory

I recently received the Calla vibe from Babeland. The Calla vibe is part of Fun Factory‘s line of G4 toys. The Calla has 5 speeds and 3 vibration patterns. It is rechargeable through their patented Click-and-Charge technology.  All of the vibes can be used with the same charging cord.

The Calla is made of high quality silicone, which means that it is durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. One negative to the oh so soft feeling of the silicone, it is a dust and fluff magnetic. Calla should be cleaned before and after each use. Calla can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. I used some of the toy wipes that I had on hand. Fun Factory does offer a cleaner for their toys as well. You should only use water based lubricants with this toy because using silicone based lube could cause your vibe to develop a very unpleasant smell.

It is worth noting that besides the Calla vibe only the Paul and Paulina is  suitable for anal use. This is because the other toys don’t have anything at their base to stop them from being pulled farther into the body by the anal muscles.


  • powerful
  • waterproof
  • soft
  • not too big
  • easy to hold on to


  • lint magnet
  • can be hand-numbing to use
  • charging time vs. usage time
  • my clit was too far back to get any joy from the protrusion at the base

Overall, I can say that I love this vibe. Yes, I had to use a little lubrication to get started, but it was well worth the effort. I am not really a huge fan of insertable toys, at least ones this size or bigger. The Calla measures with the handle around 9″ long. 5 of those inches can be inserted. The diameter of this vibe is 1 5/8 inches and it is 2 inches wide. Calla starts small at the tip and gradually gets bigger. Its powerful vibrations are a thing of joy for me.  I am not 100% for the boost button either. It worked better for me to start out by pushing the boost button, instead of after I had been using the regular speeds. The patterns were ok, but the speeds got me where I needed to be a lot faster.

Pattern 1- a steady vroooooooommmm

Pattern 2-feels like a fast paced beating drum to me-bumpbumpbumpbump- continuous

Pattern 3- vroomvroom vroomvroom– continuous

If I could increase the intensity of the patterns, I would be more inclined to use them.

Although I want to give this vibe 5 stars, I can’t. Even with the cons that I have listed the major turn off for this toy is that after a minimum of 6 hours of charging time, it only gives me less than an hour to use it.  If I use Calla on high, I can expect around 30 minutes.That makes me very unhappy.  The plus side to this is that it has only died on me once. I know some of you are wondering how this could ever be a plus. Its a plus because I listened more carefully to how it sounded and I knew when it was starting to get low on juice.

Brandon Lee dildo

This is my very first realistic dildo, and I must say, I am VERY impressed! I am not sure why I have never had one before, I think it is just my aversion to the male anatomy. I think that the penis is ugly, so having dildos in pretty colors makes them more tolerable to look at, lol.

The Brandon Lee dildo is a total of 8.5″ long, which includes a suction cup base and testicles, leaving 6.5″ to be inserted. The suction cup base can also be used to hold the dildo in a harness. It took some force, but I was able to get it to fit into my SpareParts Joque harness, and once it was in, and I had the harness on, I couldn’t stop playing with it. I kept stroking it and staring at it, man it looks so real! I have always wanted my own cock, so this was nice to play around with and admire…which was odd, given my feelings of how the male anatomy looks.

It has a nice amount of girth as well (check out that photo, it looks REAL! WOW) and is 6.5″ around (measuring in a circle), which is about 2″ wide.

Even the frenulum was masterfully crafted to appear human-like.  I was very impressed with how well this captured the human anatomy. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to make a toy look so real.

This dildo is made from SensaFirm material, and is the first time that I have used this type of material. SensaFirm (aka Pleasure Skin) is compounded to mimic real skin and has a high molecular density, which allows for flexibility and resilience. Unfortunately, it is very porous, making it difficult to keep clean over time, and if used with a partner, should always be used with a condom. SensaFirm is a combination of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and a Thermal plastic elastomer (TPE) variation, which means that is does contain phthalates. I am hoping the smell will go away after a while, but I will always use a condom with this dildo, due to the chemical compound, and not wanting them to leech into my body. You should only use water-based lubricants with SensaFirm toys.


SensaFirm is extremely sensitive and should be cleaned following every use with warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. Toys made of these materials should be stored in dark cool place.

All-in-all I really like this dildo. I am not sure if this look could be achieved with a phthalate-free toy, but I know I will be searching for a healthier replacement. If I find one, you can bet I will let you all know!

I received the Brandon Lee SensaFirm Penis from EdenFantasys in exchange for my review, and now I am hooked. I MUST have more realistic dildos! If you have any suggestions for me to try out, please leave a comment below.

product picture
Realistic dildo by Topco
Material: SensaFirm™

Bootie by Fun Factory

Babeland gave me the opportunity to try out the Bootie by Fun Factory in exchange for a review, and I am very thankful for this!

The Bootie is an anal plug that is fairly small and very easy to use anal plug. It is curved to have a natural fit inside any body and is about 3 inches long and one inch in diameter at it’s widest point.

I enjoyed this toy as a regular anytime plug, for walking around or for intercourse. It was small enough for me to want to wear it outside of the bedroom for that little sexy secret, yet large enough to fill me so that I could feel it well during sex. Unlike most people, my anus tends to expel things, rather than suck them in (which is what a flared base is there to prevent), but I was able to keep this in without any effort. Usually I will have anal toys that just slip right out within seconds, so I was really pleased with this.

The Bootie is made of Silicone, making for a very comfortable fit, because of it’s flexibility. The angle provided in this toy is a natural curve that is sure to fit just about anyone well. The flared base is more of an anchor shape than a flare, but fits nicely between the cheeks without being able to feel that it is there. As far as I can tell, the Bootie comes in both Black and Purple, I got the purple one.

Being 100% Silicone, this toy is very easy to care for and clean. Silicone is smooth and non-porous, so you can wash it with some toy cleaner, 10% bleach solution, wipes or it can be fully disinfected by boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher. The manufacturer name is on the toy in a sort of engraved fashion, so you will need to pay extra attention to that section during cleaning, to ensure that all grooves are indeed cleaned out, but other than that, there are no seams or grooves to make it uncomfortable, and you are not able to feel the manufacturer name. Being silicone, you should stick to water-based lubricants, as silicone based lubes will slowly eat away at the toy over time.

This toy came packaged in a molded plastic shell, inside of a cardboard box. It also came with a care sheet and an informational booklet on some of Fun Factory’s other toys as well as a sample packet of their water-based lubricant, which I did appreciate the fact that it had a very silicone-based feel to it, since I am not one for water-based lubes, due to the time in which it wears off and the way it runs during use. Their brand stayed where it was supposed to, like a gel or silicone, and it lasted quite some time without the need for re-application.

Black Label Jack Rabbit Anniversary Edition

For this month’s CalExotics Sexpert review, I received the Black Label Jack Rabbit Anniversary Edition. There are so many rabbits on the market right now, so you should research a while before picking one out. The BLJR is a dual stimulation vibe, which is my preference these days. It also has two other traits that are my preferences, it’s waterproof and it is made of silicone.

Being that it is made of silicone, it is only compatible with water based lubricants. The tip of this rabbit is slightly rounded and looks realistic.  It has a ridge down the middle of the shaft as well, which I couldn’t feel once the toy was inserted. The shaft has a swirled design, that is purely decoration and gives no added stimulation.

The Jack Rabbit was very easy to use. The control panel is made of ABS plastic. The Jack Rabbit has 5 buttons on the control panel located at the base of the shaft. The middle button is the power button, which has to be pushed before any of the other buttons will work. The top button controls the 7 functions of vibration for the rabbit arm. The two buttons at the bottom increase or decrease the shaft’s rotation and vibration. The vibrations of the clitoral arm and the shaft can be used together or separately, depending upon user preference. The rabbit runs on 3 AA batteries. The battery cover was a bit of a pain to open and close.

The shaft is thick and gave a very full feeling when inserted. Starting out I had to use a bit extra lube, because of the thickness of the shaft. The rotations were an added bonus for me. To get any enjoyment from the clitoral arm took quite a bit of maneuvering for me. It is not something that will fit every woman’s anatomy perfectly, so you may have to play with it a bit, to figure out what works best for you.


  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • dual stim
  • thick
  • silicone
  • waterproof- no difference in strength when underwater that I noticed



  • may not fit everyone’s anatomy
  • lint magnet
  • 3 AA batteries
  • rather loud

Overall, I would say that this is definitely one that I would consider purchasing. The Jack Rabbit should be stored away from other toys, preferably in a cloth bag. Be warned it is a lint magnet, but then again I have noticed that most of my silicone toys are. It is a turnoff that it requires 3 AA batteries, but there is a rechargeable version of this vibe available for an extra chunk of change. It is easy to clean, whether it be with soap/water, toy cleaner or toys wipes. The major downside of this rabbit for me, was the loudness of the toy itself. If you’re using this and don’t want anyone to know, be sure to turn on some music before getting started to muffle the sound.

Thanks CalExotics for providing this to review!

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